A Man and His Friend

Please meet Ryan and Edison. Edison is Ryan’s good friend, another fire fighter’s Dalmatian.

 Ryan is a local fire fighter that works at one of the Township fire department in State of Ohio near the shores of Lake Erie.  The department is comprised of part time and volunteers.  These responders are right up there as Front-Line Heroes.


These men and women that work at our fire departments protect our communities from fires, rescues, and EMS services.  When I think of a fireman, of course the first thing I think of are these brave individuals running into a burning building, but there is so much more that they do and deal with day to day.

As I was doing the painting of Ryan, I kept thinking of what it must be like going to a home or building where there is a fire or a disaster.  Heading into buildings and homes, not knowing what awaits them. What dangers are around the corners, who will they be assisting.  Do they stop and ponder about what are the what ifs or do they forge ahead into the unknown?  In these crazy times we are in, do they stop and think I’m going into a home where there maybe someone that has COVID or do they shift into the training they have had and move instinctively ahead putting their own lives at risk. If they are headed into a fire, are there people inside the building. Are the floors build integrity in these buildings safe to hold their weight.  The unknowns that they deal with, I can’t imagine the stress they are under day in and day out.  No wonder Ryan has a best friend named Edison and Edison had to be included in this painting.

For this painting I used Brusho Alizarine Crimson, Lemon, Prussian Blue and Violet. Even though Ryan has a huge smile I wanted to portray the look in his eyes, the feel of heat on his face from returning from being on a fire run.

Using more of the Alizarine Crimson and Lemon then I normally do for his face.  My goal was to have Ryan’s face flushed with the look of adrenaline still pumping through his veins from being on a call.  And that smile on his, the smile of love that he shows for his job. I hope my goal was successful, I hope in some small way this painting thanks our Front-Line Heroes from our Fire Departments. There are so many in so many lines of work that are our Front-Line Heroes.  Thank you to them all.