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Thank you SO much for visiting my “After the Storm” prints page.

I want to share one of my “After the Storm” Gallery Quality Limited Edition 4” X 6” art prints with you for FREE. Why, because I want to share the passion I have for the people affected by devastating storms.

This series “After the Storm” has been created from my heArt and I want to share them with as many people as possible. I’m offering these fine art prints that are the spirit of the future for so many people, to you for free. (This offer is only available in the USA.)

Help for Ukraine

I know you are asking why I am doing this.  Well….

I have a deep passion for helping people affected by devastating storms. Would you consider being a part of my campaign to raise money for them by upgrading to a larger print? The past couple of years have been challenging, even more so now. I wanted to do something to be of help. So, I’m offering 4″ x 6″ art prints for free.  You just have to cover the small shipping and handling cost of just $6.95 (USA only). Unfortunately, due to the high cost and logistics of shipping internationally, I can only ship to recipients in the USA


On a more selfish note, I just want my art in the hands of as many people as possible! This helps people know about me and my work, and at the same time helps me build my push to help others in need. I just want to share with you what is in my heArt.  What better way to do this than to let you own a small piece of my “After the Storm” series. Maybe you will ask to purchase a larger print, original painting or a commission (there’s no pressure, of course). I also teach courses in a water based medium call Brusho on The Fine Art Cafe Academy. Maybe you have a creative urge, I and my fellow instructors can help you find joy in art.

Important for you know…

  1. This is not a subscription offer.  There is no recurring billing or anything like that. The only thing you’ll ever pay is the low $6.95 shipping and handling charge — the 4″ x 6″ print is free, there is no donation.
  2. The $6.95 shipping charge. I really wish I could make this part free too, but the cost to ship, package and get it to you safely is something I’m unable to cover.


Below you will find the four paintings from my “After the Storm” series. I have to limit the offer of a print to just one per person.  My inventory is limited, so this offer will go away once these prints have been spoken for! I have a deep passion for helping. Would you consider being a part of my campaign to raise money for them by upgrading to a larger print?


I fully guarantee you’ll love the 4″ x 6″ print you choose, or I’ll refund what you paid for the shipping and handling and you can keep the print anyway (or you can gift it to a friend).

I enjoy creating my art, so I want you to love what you receive just as much as I loved creating it – that’s why I’m offering this guarantee. All you have to do if you don’t love it is contact me with the details on your receipt, and I’ll reimburse you for the shipping charge.

This is sincerely a heartfelt gift of art to you from me.

If you are interested, here are the next steps…

  1. Scroll to the bottom of this page.
  2. Take a look at the four pieces of the art from this series and choose your favorite.
  3. The 4″ x 6″ size is free, but if you would like to help and donate by purchasing a larger size print, I’ve added that option. 50% of the proceeds from your purchase of the larger print will be donated to Convoy for Hope.
  4. Fill in the order form to place your order.
  5. Receive your new artwork within 7 to 14 days!

If you have any questions, you can send me an email at 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my letter to you. I can’t wait to send you your free art print!

Art from my heArt,




50% of all proceeds from my “After the Storm” Series will be donated to to Convoy of Hope.
day 2 update

About myself

I wanted to share a little about myself with you and why I create art.

Art feeds my soul and heals me. If there are hardships like the Ukrainian War, I’ve come to understand that I create a painting where I can pour my soul and feelings onto the paper.  It’s how I deal with sadness.  As I watch TV and all that has happened to the Ukrainian people the sadness is overwhelming, and my goal is to have that captured in the essence of the paintings of the Ukrainian people that I’ve done. The sadness in each painting in my People of War series weighs heavy on my heart.

For years I only created in traditional watercolors and Brusho Watercolor Crystals. Recently I’ve started pushing my artistic license by trying different dry mediums and I have fallen in love with charcoal.  I love vibrant color that I can achieve with Brusho, and I love the dramatic look of charcoal.  I’ve even started mixing the two in one painting.  I love the WOW impact of the two together.

I come from a teaching background. I managed an adult workforce development center for the Oregon City Schools in Oregon, OH.  After retiring I missed helping and working with adults, so The Fine Art Café Academy was started. Besides myself, there are many instructors that bring their wealth of knowledge and love of teaching to The Fine Art Café Academy. We offer lots of free and inexpensive course that are packed with creative information.

My hopes are that you will help me to donate additional funds to UNICEF: Children in Crossfire of Ukraine Crisis.

Thank you from the bottom of my heArt.