Benjamin is 10 months old, well over 100 pounds and growing daily. His family affectionately refers to him as their “House Cow” as he’s as big and clumsy as you would expect a cow in a house to be.  Then you add that adorable nose, that big, speckled nose!

His nose is one of his more endearing features. It’s twice the size of a fireside marshmallow and just as squishy. He loves to have nose kissed and uses it to kiss his humans and boy does he love to give his human family kisses.

The one word that sums up Benjamin is JOY. His exuberance for life and his clumsy gait brings peals of laughter to the walls of his home.

 He may be big with a big squishy nose, but his heart bigger. Benjamin is one big marshmallow of a pup.

Completed: 12/14/2021.

Completion time:  28 hours of work went into this piece.

Size 5.5 in X 8.5 in

Benjamin is created on Legion Paper Stonehenge Aqua 300 lb Hot Press Watercolor Paper.

Jan Hackett Art watermark is not on the original painting.

Mediums used:

Colored Pencils

  • Caran d’Ache Luminance
  • Faber Castell Polychromos
  • Prismacolor Premier

Brusho Watercolour Crystals

Benjamin’s nose study will be going to his home soon. It needs to be sealed, which takes a day that’s not humid.  Living on Lake Erie we don’t have to many days that aren’t and this fall has been so rainy.  Thank goodness his mom isn’t in a hurry to have his nose study.  As soon as I can your painting will be on its way home.