I’m still in the process of learning how to use LUS Brands to get the maximum results. While in the shower this morning I got my hair wet using my hands cupping them to pour water on my hair. I didn’t actually spray it with water. It was a lot wetter then I did on day 2 using the spray bottle. It was dripping wet and made the squishy noise when I scrunched it. I add about one and a half pumps of the All in One curly cream and a spray of water to that before scrunching it into my hair. I also added a couple small clips to lift my wet hair at the scalp. Took my t-shirt towel and scrunched a little of the water out of my hair and we walked out the door heading to our kids.

We spent the morning outside at the pool in the sun, humidity and a wonderful breeze. It was so hot I did pull my hair up in a scrunchie to cool off and get it out of my face and neck. In the afternoon we headed to the Greater Port Clinton Area Arts Council Lighthouse Festival that took place along the Port Clinton shoreline on Lake Erie again in the heat and humidity. Trying to keep cool my hair was up in a scrunchie, wet from the heat.

After it dried I took down from being up off my neck, I don’t think it’s too bad! Some of the curls around my face are stretched out. But there isn’t all the fly away fuzz. After a day of sun and fun it’s far better then before using LUS. What do you think, so far so good? Please share if you haven’t already what products are you using for your curly hair. How would your curly hair be after a fun day?

I’ve started documenting this transformation of going curly on my online site, Jan Hackett Art. Lol this is turning into the art of sculpting a new me.

day 3 of my curly hair transformation