day 4 of my hair transformation
I’m still in the process of learning how to use LUS Brands to get the maximum results. Again as I did yesterday, Day 3, I got my hair wet using my hands cupping them to pour water on my hair. It again was a lot wetter then I did on day 2 using the spray bottle. It was dripping wet and made the squishy noise when I scrunched it. I used the mixture of water and the All-in-one cream and sprayed my wet hair.  Took my t-shirt towel and did the plopping technique. The plopping technique is where you lay your t-shirt towel on a flat surface and place the top of your head with the curls handing down on the towel.  then wrap the towel around your head.  lol It’s hard to describe, there are vidoes of how to do it on Youtube.   Leaving the t-shirt towel wrapped around my head for maybe 10 – 15 minutes to get some of the wetness out of my hair.  After removing the towel I added a couple small clips to lift my hair at the scalp.
I let it air dry.  Once it was dry, I flip my head and hair so it hands down and lift at the scalp to give a little more lift and scrunch just a little.  I can believe how soft my curls are.  this pretty much last the whole day.