Day 5, I can’t believe I have made it to day 5 and not washed my hair as of yet.

I did run cooler water over my hair in the shower and massaged my scalp. I felt it was getting greasy. Massaging it really seemed to help.  After getting it wet I just scrunched it in the shower.  Afterwards I ran my fingers and the a pick through my hair to get all the snarls out, then I did the plopping method with my t-shirt towel for about 15 minutes.

When I took the towel off I scrunched it and sprayed with the All-in-one and water mixture. Scrunched it again to work it through my hair. Put clips in the top close to my scalp to give my hair some lift.

Before it was totally dry, I removed the clips. We had errands to run and it was pretty windy. So my hair has a little more fly-aways but I’m impressed that this is day five. It’s not greasy feeling, it is really very soft. I’m so impressed with the LUS products.

I had purchased a in more expensive shampoo and a leave in conditioner from a name brand store. I actually returned them today. While I was returning them the lady at the registered asked what I had used in my hair. She was so impressed that she is going to purchase and try the LUS for her hair. Wow, wow is all I can say.

Again, everyone’s curls and hair are different you need to experiment to see what works for your hair.

Day five of my curly hair transformation