Day 6 of my curly hair transformation
Day 6 and the day to wash my hair. lol and a bad hair day.

I know what I did differently, what not to do again and how to do it differently.

First, I totally rinsed all the conditioner out of my hair after shampooing when I washed it this morning . I should have not rinsed it so thoroughly. After I scrunched in the All-in-one cream, I plopped my hair and left it for the 10 or 15 minutes. Then this is where I really went wrong. I had ordered a brush that I hoped would separate my clumps of hair, but it didn’t work the way I was hoping. The brush pulled all the hair clumps straight and I had a hard time getting the fine thin brushed clumps to curl. I should probley used the brush prior to plopping when my hair was really wet instead of after. Second the plastic bristles are way to close together, so I didn’t get nice defined clumps that curled. This was my first mistake.

Second, before my hair was dry, we decided to power wash our deck and scrub it so we can get it sealed this week. It was extremely warm and humid, so I pulled my hair up with a scrunchie, did it too tight. When it dried and I took it out of the scrunchie I had straight hair, curly hair and hair that I can’t describe. Lol

Third problem happened after I rewet my hair after taking it out of the scrunchie. I didn’t totally wet my whole head just areas where the hair was straight. The we headed out to see our kids. With wet hair I sat out in the hot sun with a nice breeze, my hair again dried. Here is where the blah hair comes in. I should have put clips in the top to give it some lift and I should have gotten all my hair wet, really wet and scrunched in a little more of the All-in-one. So now I have a flat part with no body and hair that has a lack of defined curls. I guess that’s how it can be described.

My hair isn’t bad, I can live with it like this. But it’s not as nice as day 1 -5. Each time I do redo it in the morning I’m learning what my hair likes and doesn’t like. How much product to use and how to use it. I have to say my hair is so soft, I hope it gets back to being healthy from all the abuse I done to it over the year of drying and straightening it.

I’m still loving LUS, down the road I would love to try another that is supposed to be really good. I hope the LUS continues to work as well as it has. Now my friends, I’m not getting paid by LUS to tell you how good it is. I just really like it and it’s working for my hair. I’ve said this before everyone’s hair and curls are different. You have to find what works for you.