Day seven of my curly hair transformation

Day seven in my curly hair transformation.

I saw a post on a curly hair group where a person said she refreshed her hair in the morning with the bowl technique. Everyone was curious what it was. This was her response:

I dip my hair in a bowl of water, if I think I need more of the All-on-one styler I add a little to the water.  I can keep from getting my roots wet this way and I can use the water with the styler in it to scrunch my hair.

I had to give it a try.  I’m pretty frugal and I didn’t want to just throw the water away after I dipped my hair in it. I had a bottle of purified water so I used that and then I could pour it back into the bottle. When I poured the water into a bowl I added several pumps of the All-in-one styler, mixed up the water and dipped my hair.  I have to learn how to not get my roots wet and to get the back of my hair wet.  There’s got to be a trick for that. Then I scrunched my hair and when I thought it needed more water I used the water that had the styler mixed into it by just dipping my hands into the bowl. 

All in all it worked pretty well. I’ll do it again and try to not get my roots so wet. Let me know if you have tried this bowl technique and if you like it or how you rewet your hair to refresh it.