1st photo if of my hair
2nd photo of my hair for day 2
Day 2 on my curly transformation.
1st photo – what my hair looked like this morning. I pulled it up in a scrunchie over night, I do have satin pillowcases. It’s not bad at all, it’s a lot better then before using the LUS for curly hair. Before it would be nothing but fly away hair.
2nd photo – I sprayed it with just water using a water mister continuous spray bottle. I had a ton of fly away hair and wasn’t getting nice defined curls. Then sprayed it with a mixture of the all in one curly cream and water. Scrunched and scrunched, spaying it with more water. When it was almost dry I scrunched it to soften it up a little more and I tada I have nicer defined curls again. I do have a few of the fly aways. Not sure how to not stop having them. I’m still learning how much of the product to add to my water mixture. I think I may need to add a little more for better hold. LUS Brands will that help? I hope they see my post.
So far I’m liking the LUS and being a gray haired curly person. Lol