March 10, 2021

Do you know how expensive it is to have your hair color, cut and styled to be straight is?  Every 4 – 5 weeks off to have it colored and cut it’s crazy and I still wasn’t really happy.  Do I know what being really happy with my hair is?  I don’t think I do, I still don’t.  

So I decided it was time to let it grow out and be my natural gray whatever that is and stop wearing it short.  It was time to get a grasp on it.  LOL so I thought.  I’ve learned not all the damage I’ve done to my hair my whole life, I’ve always despised my hair, hated the curl the fly away frizz. The feeling of being out of control because of my hair.  It’s down right crazy my feelings and how my hair has affected my whole life. 

one of my last visits if I’m remembering correctly to the hairdresser I told her I wanted it as close to my natural gray and I was letting it become el naturel!  Little did I know the journey that was ahead of me.  

Letting my hair grow and be it's natural gray.