Brusho Front-Line Heroe

Brusho Front-Line Heroe

Erica the Social Worker is the third in the Front-Line Heroes series.

As I started creating this piece, I thought the focus would be on the social worker with her face mask, but my attention was drawn to the tablet she was holding. I can and could feel the patients, I can and could see the faces, I can and could hear the voices. All that are captured within that tablet from her patients and their use. It is as if they spoke and reached out to me to tell me their stores. And for me to relay their stores in this painting.

 I feel sadness and sorrow, but then also a feeling of happiness in the face of Erica that she could connect patients with their family and loved ones.

How many of those faces I see and feel made it out of the hospital, back to their homes and loved ones? How sad and yet how happy some have and will make it home.

Brusho on a 11 X 15 quarter sheet Arches CP watercolor paper. Photos are the full sheet and cropped.