Artist’s Gallery

Artist’s Gallery

Fine Art and Commissions utilizing Brusho Watercolor Crystals, Traditional Watercolors, Colored Pencils and Alcohol Inks.

Below is a sampling of art created by Jan Hackett. If you are interested in purchasing a piece of her art it is availabe on Jan’s Art Shop, The Fine Art Cafe Art Gallery and on Facebook Jan Hackett Art.


Visit The Fine Art Cafe Academy for more of Jan’s demonostrations and online courses.


Click on the number pages or next to see more of my art from my heArt.

Some of the origianal art and prints shown are available on my Shop tab.

I am “Carole” and was gifted a small card sized version of this beautiful painting by Jan when I was being treated for breast cancer. It is the one and only momento I have of that period of my life and sits in honor in a frame on our dresser. It brought such joy then and brings me just as much joy six years later!(and now cancer free!) It is truly a magnificant piece of art and I am certain is stunning in the 11x 15 size! This would look beautiful in any room! Highly recommend this piece!!

Carol Rhodes

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