Anne, In the Heat of the Day

Margot, In the Heat of the Day

Front-Line Heroes

Seven and Eight


Workers that do the COVID 19 test at an outside testing center.

 Names “ Anne, In the Heat of the Day and Margot, In the Heat of the Day”

When I saw the photo of Anne and Margot in their full protective equipment, I could not imagine how hot it would be inside of them.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of having my face covered.  I love the open air; I love having a breeze that you can feel on your face, on your skin, I love feeling the sun but not so hot that everything sticks to you.  You know that feeling.  I have a hard time just wearing the masks that cover your nose and mouth. 

Anne and Margot workout side everyday testing people and ready for the next car to pull up for that person to be tested.  It’s a never-ending day as the cars of people line up for miles waiting to get their test done. To learn if they must isolate themselves to not spread the virus, if they will possibly get sick, will they be asymptomatic, will they be healthy and can go on with their lives.  But of course, these two ladies are only doing the test, they don’t have the answers that the people are looking for. I can hear the people ask, “well am I healthy” “do I have it” “when will I know” “who will contact me” “what is next”. They can only hope for good results for the people being tested as they themselves try to protect themselves and their families. 

Not only did the heat that I felt from the photo as it drew me in commanding to be painted next in my series, but the smiles on Anne and Margo’s faces.  How can they be smiling?  How can they be dealing with all the people in their cars, that line of cars, the personalities of the people in the cars.  The people that have waited, will they be cranky, sad, worried or pleasant. What will the next in line be like, these people that have checked their watches and clocks as the minutes pass by. Where these people in a hurry or have all the time in the world to wait in line.  It’s the smiles on Anne and Margot faces, the smiles you can see in their eyes that captured my heart as I laid out these two paintings.  

It took several time laying out the paintings and several times starting and redoing them.   How to portray to the viewer’s mind’s eye and have them feel that same heat I felt and yet to show the love and heart of these two ladies. 

Thank you, Estelle Krestos, for sending me photos of your staff.  I know how proud you are of these dedicated Front-Line Heroes.

Both paintings are 11” X 15” on archival Stonehenge Aqua 140 lb cold press watercolor paper. Keeping to the limited palette, I used Brusho Lemon, Orange, Violet and Purple.