The sixth in my series of Front-Line Heroes. 

This one is named “Kindness”.  Working from a reference photo of Eugene, he is pointing to a sign that says Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti. I knew the first time I saw this photo; it would be the next in line to be done.

When I first saw the photo, I noticed even though you can’t really see his eyes or most of his face, you can feel a twinkle and such kindness there. You can just feel it.  That’s a kindness that radiates from some people like Eugene. When you look at the reference photo it reflects a proudness he is showing as he points to that sign and then that sign, wow!  I knew somehow, had to incorporate the word kindness into this painting.  If you look closely you can see the twinkle in his eye and the words “kindness on his mask”. I thought adding the word kindness to his mask would be so very appropriate. 

In laying this piece out, I knew to be able to capture that kindness I wanted and needed to do him using one color Monochromatic.  What color though?  My instincts said Brusho Black.  I love the Black because of the amazing colors the little pot holds. You can see the blues and oranges that are in that little pot of Brusho. One little pot holds all these colors.  I love it.

A side note on his beard, I dampened the area and I sprinkled the crystals on, but it was way too dark. To lighten his beard making it look like there is more white and gray, I sprinkled Brush’s White and it really lightened up his beard.

The reference photo is from our County’s Senior Resources.  Part of their task is to deliver meals to our county Seniors that are in need.  Our county has the second largest Senior population out of eight-eight counties in the State of Ohio.  With the pandemic and our seniors under lock down, I can’t imagine the loneliness some may be experiencing.  The staff at Senior Resources that deliver the meals to our Seniors may be the only contact or very limited contact with the outside world that some of our Seniors have.  These drivers not only deliver the meals, but they check on the Seniors on their routes and spend a few minutes to chat and offer friendship.  Imagine what the drivers see and how it must touch them so deeply knowing they are making a difference in our Seniors lives. Just for those few days a week that they deliver meals. My heart breaks for our Senior population that are in their homes without normal outside contact. My heart fills with pride for these Front-Line Heroes that are reaching out to make a difference in the lives of the Seniors in their routes.  The drivers aren’t nurses, doctor, fire or police, but they are an integral part of our community.  They are Front-Line Heroes that you normally wouldn’t think of and are part of the main contacts for Seniors within Ottawa County in Ohio. 

“Kindness” is done with only one color, Brusho Black on Stonehenge Aqua 140lb Cold Press watercolor paper.