January 31, 2023, giveaway will be an 8″ X 10″ of the little girl with her stuffie. I will do a random drawing from people that have signed up to receive my newsletter.

Each month based on the most comments and likes for a painting that I post, that will help me know what to pick for the next month’s giveaway! So….like and follow my pages  on Jan Hackett Art for Facebook or Jan Hackett Art on Instagram to see my new art and comment.

How the giveaway works:

  • Each month all of you will pick the print of the month based on the comments and likes.
  • Each month the painting with the most comments and likes will be the giveaway for the following month.
  • The giveaway will be picked from the people that sign up for my newsletter.
  • I’ll be using an online random name selector.
  • The giveaway is only available in the United States. (I wish I could offer this to others but due to the high cost of shipping it is only for the United States.)
  • Free shipping only to the United States.
  • Go to JanHackettArt.com online and sign up for my newsletter.
  • Be sure to sign up to be part of my giveaway, I promise I won’t send out tons of emails. I just don’t have the time for that, I’d rather be creating art for everyone to enjoy.

This little girl still needs a name.  If you have any suggestions leave a comment and the story about the little girl.  

Everyone please help give her a name.

Little Girl and her Stuffie