Ukrainian Lady with Sunflowers

Date completed: April 9, 2022

The People of War – Lady with Sunflowers

This is the first piece in my “People of War’ series . Thank you, Wendy Hodgkins Corniquet for your amazing reference photo of the Ukrainian Lady that you shared. I’m totally in love with this piece. 

I’ll be donating a portion of the proceeds of my original piece “Lady with Sunflowers” and of the proceeds of any prints of “Lady with Sunflowers”. My donation will be given to UNICEF: Children in Crossfire of Ukraine Crisis.
“Lady with Sunflowers” is done on 11 X 14 Arches CP 140 lb water paper, graphite, calligraphy ink, Brusho and tea.

For more information on purchasing the original and prints click on this People of War – Lady with Sunflowers link.


People of War – Lady with Sunflowers