Vizsla Love


This Vizsla pup needs a name, suggestions appreciated. Vizsla is a breed from Hungary, a friend had a rescue. He was such a sweet pup. This drawing has taken me more than a few weeks. 😅 I was stuck on it’s ear getting the shape, curvatures within the ear and texture correct. So, I put it aside and worked on my last drawing of the man, (who is still looking for a name). Stepping away was what this one needed, when I started back it all worked out. Yeah!

Created with charcoal pencils on 14” X 17” Strathmore 400 series drawing paper. I’ve cropped the photo to 11” X 14” to see how it looks in a frame. The Vizsla Love isn’t on the original drawing.

Original is 14″ X 17″ on Strathmore 400 Series Drawing paper.

NOTE: Original does NOT include the JLHackett watermark seen in this image! Colors may vary for what you are seeing on your monitor.