The Weathered Man

I love painting, drawing and scribbling faces, especially faces of our seniors.  For me their faces tell so many stories, hardship and joy. All of the wrinkles and shadows, what happened in their lives that has been etched into those wrinkles, what caused the shadows around their eyes.  With this scribble art the reference photo is from Pexel on Pixabay.

If you’re not familiar with Pixabay, it is a free photo reference site.  They do ask for donations for the photographers to help with a little of the cost.  They have over 1.8 million free reference photos and royalty stock images.  Pexel offers some of his amazing photos. 

If you have followed my art, you know I’m going through a transition period of loving color and moving away from realism.  I think that is why I’m loving the scribble art.  It makes be think and create outside of the box.   The first scribble of this gent is on a recycled sketch pad using a normal black pen.  Nothing special, not a “art” product.   I love how the heavier line work emphasizes his weathered face.  In the second piece of the same gent, I used the back of Kirkland’s Photo Paper.  Again, I used a regular black pen. This time I wanted to add some color to the scribbles.  I first went into the linework with alcohol ink.  A problem occurred when the alcohol ink lifted the pen.  I had no idea that an alcohol ink product would move the ink from a pen.  I didn’t what or was hoping not to have that happen, so I changed over to Brusho, on the back of the photo paper it also moved/activated the ink.  I need to do sample of different markers and pens on this paper to see what will not be activated with alcohol or water. 

You can see the grayer areas where the ink mixed with the water and Brusho on the piece with the color.  He doesn’t have the same weathered look or the lines on areas of his face.  I asked on my Facebook page whether people like the color version or just the pen.  Most said they like the color one.  Is that because it’s more traditional then the scribble art.  Is the scribble art so much out of the norm?

Please leave me a comment what your thoughts are and again thank you for stopping by to follow my art journey.