Completed: April 21, 2021

“Pinky” is done.

I’m so pleased with how “Pinky” turned out. This piece took forever to finish and tugged at my heart. Please meet my brother, Tom Pinkstaff aka Pinky. How I miss his laughter, teasing and his phone calls.  My dad was also nick named Pinky, it’s kind of a family nickname we all have been honored with being called.

I had to put it away for a while before finishing him and I must admit it was emotional to do. I hope my family loves the drawing and I’ve captured his essence. My hopes are the drawing brings wonderful memories.

At times while doing him, family members came through in the drawing, alive and passed. I would see their faces in his. If you knew “Pinky” and our dad, you know they were both messing with me getting into my head, but also guiding my hand.

Always the prankster of a big brother and the artist of our dad. Gosh I love and miss them both, but they are always with me.

Hugs and love to all that knew “Pinky” and our dad.

Colored Pencils on 11 X 14 Stonehenge paper.

Tom Pinkstaff