Here is the fifth painting of the Front-line Heroes, named “Weariness”.

I like the simplicity of this painting. This nurse was in a group photo of a team that have worked together during the pandemic. He really stood out to me and I had to capture his essence. The look in his eyes are captivating, that look of exhaustion was overwhelming and yet you can see the strength in his stance. If you look closely at his fists they aren’t clenched tightly, you can see the weariness in his hands, in his fists. I hope I captured his exhaustion in this painting. I also think the lack of a background enhances the story, his story this painting portrays.

“Weariness” is done with Brusho, colors are Olive Green, Prussian Blue, Vermillion and Yellow. It’s done on a 11 X 15 quarter sheet of Arches CP Watercolor paper. Cropped and the full painting.