It's starting to get long and time to be curly.
day 2 update

August 18, 2022

Day one

Hey all my curly headed peeps, I’ve never ever loved my curls. I would always have fly away messy out if control hair. I thought when I decided to go gray, fingers crossed it would not be as curly. Lol I was so mistaken. I’d go to a shop or store ask for a product to help, pay big bucks and not much difference. So I killed my hair blow drying and getting it as straight as I possibly could, heating up the house and the air couldn’t even keep up with all the heat, I was miserable. A couple months ago I decided what the heck I’ll try and embrace my curls and see if I could handle them. I’ve been researching, watching videos of people with curly hair, and I decided to pull the plug buying a named brand of curly hair product. 3 in 1 called LUS Love my Curls. Me being the skeptic it took me a couple months to buy it and it came yesterday. Wow, wow is all I can say. This is my first try using it, washed, condition, and added the last step of the curling cream. Let it air dry, then when it was almost dry went out and cut grass in 80 plus degree heat and humidity. Sweated up a storm and the back is soaking wet again. But wow look at the ringlets I still have. I do have a little bit of fly away hair and I need to learn how to scrunch it better. I have to say I’m over the moon (so far) happy with the out come. The company says as my hair gets healthier it will look even better. Hmm time will tell. So far so good and I give this product even though it is costly a thumbs up. Maybe I’ll become a happy curly headed person. Lol
Now I’m not saying this product is right for everyone, everyone’s curls are different. I’m sure happy with it for my first time using it. LUS Brands

Wanted to give everyone an update. This is after working outside, getting caught in the sprinkler, and sweating up a wet mess in the heat and humidity all day. I’m not sure how people keep their hands out of their hair, I’m always getting it out of my face and off my neck. It’s not the pretty curls I had earlier, but not too bad. Before using LUS this morning my hair would be 4 times bigger and fly aways everywhere. So far I’m still happy with my results. Now to see what it looks like tomorrow after a night’s sleep. I’ll keep you posted.
If someone from LUS Brands sees my post, how could I rejuvenate my curls to look like it did earlier?